Winter is not the time to forget about your cooling system

As the colder months begin to set in many auto enthusiasts roll their pride and joy into the garage for some well deserved R&R.  Engine cooling becomes less of a priority.

Whether you are storing your vehicle during the winter months or powering through the cold and staying on the road, engine coolant choice is still an important decision to make.   

Engine preservation is an important factor to consider when storing your vehicle for a period of time.  During periods of inactivity, water sitting in your cooling system can cause corrosion and damage to cooling system components and whilst many modern coolants contain corrosion inhibitors to reduce the chance of corrosion occurring, it has not completely eliminated the issue.

When the warmer weather creeps back in, the last thing you want to do is a cooling system overhaul when all you want to do is drive.

Evans Waterless Engine Coolants contains no water and eliminates corrosion completely.  No matter the amount of heat cycles or time in storage Evans will keep your cooling system corrosion free.

Evans has proven itself many times over with the product being used in museums and car collections across the globe, including Jay Leno’s famous car collection.

Use this time of year, to take the time, and install Evans Waterless Engine Coolant. Ensure your cooling system is protected and your investment remains corrosion free.

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