Scott’s Evans Cooled 4X4 Trophy Truck

Proformance Motorsport is based in Western Australia and are often considered the ‘black sheep’ in Off Road Racing due to their innovative thinking and concept vehicles.

At Proformance they choose to create unique vehicles, using only the best components available, and in many cases, they manufacture our own components.

Their off road racing vehicle is one of only a handful of hand built, 4X4 tubular chassis competition vehicles in the world. Most off road competitors around the world choose to use 2WD, to reduce the complexity and simplify the front end geometry, however at Proformance Motorsport, they chose to break the mould and create what they consider to be the most advanced off road racing truck built today.


Chev Silverado

Front Suspension

Proformance narrow diffs, double A arm, 24” (600mm) travel, triple bypass swayaway shocks

Rear Suspension

Proformance narrow diffs, double A arm, 33” (840mm) travel, triple bypass swayaway shocks


NASCAR Mid Mount Small Block Chev


RD6 Holinger Sequential 6 Speed Race


Haltech Elite 2500


Their race truck is fitted with a Digital Dash with data logging and they record all the running temperatures and pressures during competition.

They use a custom made aluminium rear mounts radiator and a high performance Edelbrock coolant pump. Twin 14” electric fans automatically controlled by the Haltech Elite 2500 ECU ensure airflow is sufficient.

They like to keep things simple and their cooling system is not experimental by any means, but with the radiator sitting directly behind the driver and navigator, high radiator pressures are always a concern.

Proformance Motorsport is constantly searching for innovative products and during one of their searches they came across Evans Waterless Engine Coolant.   After some further research they decided to evaluate Evans Waterless Coolant in their Race Truck to reduce the pressure in the radiator and reduce the risk of scalding the driver and navigator in the event of an incident or accident.

In addition to the reduced pressure (can run at atmospheric pressure) they were also very excited about the higher boiling point (190C) as their races are often conducted in temperatures well over 40 degrees C (a race in early 2017 saw temps on the track above 46 degrees) and they need every advantage to keep their trucks from overheating.

Scott Bryce, Team Owner & Driver says.........

“During our research and testing, we had a lot of negative people talking about increases in running temperature, fire risk, and lots of false information about Evans Coolants, but we conducted our own research and after significant testing, (and running our race truck with NO COOLING FANS for 1.5 hours at 115 deg C with no problems) we have chosen to run Evans Waterless coolants in all our competition vehicles.

The product works exactly as described, and we did not see any significant change in running temperature, but be warned, like everything we do to be innovative and ‘different”,  there are a lot of people that will tell you something new does not work or cannot be done.

Just like the haters and experts that told us “you can’t put your diff here”, “you can’t run a diff locker in the front”, “IRS does not work”, just be prepared for the ill-informed to tell you uneducated and false information about the Evans Products.

Do yourself a favour, research any new or innovative product you are thinking of using and get the FACTS from the manufacturer and don’t listen to the keyboard warriors.

Evans works – it’s that simple.”

Evans Waterless Coolant - Does it work? Let’s see…

At a race in 2016, sitting idle on the side of a track, 30kms from the pits, the Proformance crew were investigating a fuel blockage and disconnected the radiator fans to listen if the High Pressure Fuel Pumps were running.  After the blockage was repaired, their crew quickly jumped back in the truck and continued racing.

Team owner and driver Scott Bryce noticed however that the truck engine was running MUCH HOTTER in the slow boggy sections, and the temp rose to a record high of 115C.

Scott quickly realised that he had indeed left the Cooling Fans UNPLUGGED!

To get out of the truck again, plug in the fans, then get back in the truck, connect all the seat belts, blower, intercom, window net takes quite some time and would be a pain in the backside, but it looks like they needed to stop AGAIN!.

Then Scott REMEMBERED, he was running Evans Waterless Engine Coolant.  Evans Coolant has a boiling point of over 190C and sitting at 115C was NOT A PROBLEM.

Scott initially planned to use Evans Waterless Coolants to reduce the risk of being burnt be hot scalding coolant in the event of an incident as he runs a radiator so close to the driver and navigator, but what a great advantage he soon realised he had.

Scott decided to see what would happen is we just kept driving, ignoring the fact they had no fans at all. The temp fluctuated between 113C and 118C, but he was 100% confident that the engine was fully protected, and was perfectly safe to be operated at full load and full revs.

Imagine getting heap of mud blocking your radiator cores, and the temp goes up and up and up, typically you have to stop or the radiator will BLOW it's top (One of the two is going to happen...) , but with Evans, you could drive with confidence to finish your race.

Just what the race driver needs.                                                  

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