Mark’s ’96 Rodeo with a difference

Mark’s vision all started in his backyard shed and 9 months later, with the help of some close mates, his son Bryce and under the watchful eye of his supportive partner Michele, WHYNOT Motorsport’s high powered Holden Rodeo was born.

Its purpose? ...........  to shred tyres.........

480 RWHP is generated by a 6L LS2 built by Hi-Torque Performance & maintained by Hi Tech Modifications.  Supported by a T400 gearbox (Built by Shift Right), Toyota Hilux differential (Built by Speedy Diffs), Front airbag suspension & 4 link suspension (Pedders Suspension Moorebank).

Since completion WHYNOT Motorsport have travelled the country, Rodeo in tow, tearing up the tarmac and pushing the limits to achieve the perfect skid.  

During a skid, the engine is generating a lot of power and heat, combine this with high rpm and minimal air flow, it can be a recipe for disaster.  No matter how well your cooling system is designed the cooling system and engine will always experience high coolant temperatures combined with extremely high vapour pressure (steam).

Despite the large Aluminium radiator, Davies Craig EPW115 electric water pump & BA Falcon electric thermo fans, WHYNOT Motorsport were seeing coolant temperatures between 115C – 125C mid skid and it was not uncommon for the coolant to boil, limiting WHYNOT from reaching optimum power.  Another issue was cool down’s.  WHYNOT would take around 1 hour to cool down to a ‘safe’ temperature.

In contrast, with Evans Waterless Engine Coolant, coolant temperatures stay below 105C and the engine cools down in less than 30mins.

Mark Johnson says,

“I started using Evans after talking to a few fellow burnout car owners & doing a lot of research on the internet. Everything I was hearing & reading was really positive. Since putting Evans in WHYNOT I've not looked back. My engine temps are lower, the cool down time between skids has dropped dramatically & the biggest thing for me is not having to worry about the fluid in my cooling system boiling any more like I used to have to do when I was using water / coolant.”

Evans Waterless Engine Coolant provides more efficient heat transfer in the hottest part of the engine.  This is due to the fact that Evans stays in its liquid form for much longer than conventional engine coolant.  This also means that no steam or vapour pressure is generated, making it the perfect Burnout coolant.

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