Jesus Racing—Staying Cool on the Track

Motorsport can throw many challenges towards those involved, no matter the category and level in which you compete. Money and effort is spent fine tuning engines and working within the restrictions of the category rules. One of these challenges is keeping high powered engines cool, without needing to work within the physical and chemical limitations of water. This is why Jesus Racing has decided to turn towards Evans Waterless Engine Coolant.

The Jesus Racing 1971 Ford Falcon XY GTHO has often struggled to keep operating temperatures in control, running on the brink of boiling the coolant. More was needed to be done to ensure that high ambient temperatures did not hinder the engines performance, or worse, cause unrepairable damage.

The perfect test? Hidden Valley, Darwin.

With temperature well into the 30’s, Darwin’s Hidden Valley Raceway is known to be the ‘cooling systems worst nightmare’. It is not uncommon for engines to be plagued with issues relating to overheating in these conditions. Founder of Jesus Racing, Andrew Fisher felt that this would be the perfect event to try Evans Waterless Engine Coolant. If it didn’t boil here, it defiantly will not boil in the milder locations.

The results? As expected!

Despite the harsh conditions and temperatures, the Jesus Racing ’71 GTHO did not overheat. Engine temperatures reached and settled around 115C with no ill effects to the cooling system or engine performance. At these higher temperatures Evans Waterless Engine Coolant, with a boiling point of 190C, remained in its liquid form, ensuring the liquid-to-metal contact within the cooling system remained. Heat was still being transferred to the coolant.

Normally at these temperatures the water in the cooling system would have vapourised, or worse, boiled, inhibiting heat transfer, resulting in engine damage.

Jesus Racing will continue to use Evans Waterless Engine Coolant throughout the remainder of the Touring Car Masters season and further testing will be done is conjunction with Evans Cooling Systems to better understand performance enhancement.

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