Jason's Evans Cooled GT40

Jason is not one to take short cuts....... and his GT40 is living proof.  This Ford powered ‘beast’ boasts the classic GT40 look with some aggressive power and mechanics under the bonnet.  Its Coyote Aluminium Ford 5.0L V8 produced more than 400KW (That’s over 530HP), assisted by comp cams, custom individual throttle body injection and a Haltech ECU.

The owner/operator of Renner Auto (www.rennerauto.com.au) who offers their customers the best modern replica of the classic 1955-57 Speedster believes attention to detail is vital and his cooling system design is no exception.

The cooling system on the GT40 required careful planning. With A/C and a large motor meant the load on the radiator was high.

Close attention was paid to every aspect of the cooling system package, starting with the radiator which was custom designed to fit the vehicle.  The addition of large 12” fans were used to ensure adequate idle performance.

The core face area is large this was partly to accommodate higher power 12"fan units (each delivers 1565 CFM at 0" static). These large 318mm diameter fans cover the maximum core face.

The use of a compact header tank was also required due to a tight engine bay area (top left of the image below).


Why Evans?

The decision to use Evans Waterless Engine Coolant made this easy as a large capacity tank was not as critical as it would have been with traditional water based coolant. Ceramic coated water pipes provide compact insulated transport of coolant through the vehicle.

GT40’s can also suffer with air locks in the cooling system as the radiator has the inlet and outlet at the bottom of the core. With the fitment of a bleed line at the top of the core back to the overflow bottle I have not experienced any airlock issues.

When debugging electronics one of the condenser fans was set not to run. On this day of over 38 Degrees C in stop start traffic with the A/C running the vehicle coolant temperatures did rise at idle. Knowing the reason for the elevated idle temperatures I was not concerned about a coolant overflow at 113 Degrees C. With the system not generating any pressure an overflow was not likely.

Since installing Evans, the vehicle has travelled over 10,000Kms without a cooling issue. This summer saw the vehicle in stop start traffic at 40degC with the A/C running without any cooling issues. The use of Evans Waterless Engine Coolant has given me the confidence to drive the vehicle in very high ambient temperatures; this is coupled with the long-term confidence that I will not experience any corrosion issues.

For more information on Jason’s GT40 visit www.gt40supercharged.com or his workshop site www.rennerauto.com.au

You can learn more about Evans Waterless Engine Coolants by visiting www.evanscoolants.com.au