Evans Waterless Engine Coolant – What if I get a leak?

The dreaded coolant leak, a coolant leak never occurs at the right time, remote area, in traffic or on the track. Putting the inconvenience aside, losing coolant can cause irreversible engine damage.  So why not take precautions to minimise the risk.

Evans is a proven solution to dramatically reducing the risk of a cooling system leak.

Evans Eliminates Vapour Pressure.  No steam in the cooling system reduces system pressure to only the pressure of expansion, typically 5-7PSI.  Hoses, pump and radiator are under far less pressure, meaning that components are operating well under their rated pressure tolerance.  So providing that all hoses are in good working order, it is unlikely that you will ‘blow a hose’.

Evans has a boiling point of 190C unpressurised.  When using water-based coolant, the boiling point of the coolant increases under pressure (approx 1.6C per cap PSI).  So for example, a typical 50/50 mix will boil at around 103C unpressurised and around 123C under a 13PSI cap.  Once the system depressurises due to a leak, the boiling point will fall to the unpressurised boiling point (103C), rapidly boiling the coolant, and forcing coolant through the leaking area or component.  This results in significant coolant loss and risks engine damage due to overheating.  Evans has a boiling point of 190C unpressurised, which means that if a leak occurs, the boiling point will remain at 190C protecting the engine and minimising coolant loss.  

Evans can be mixed with water.  In a worst case scenario, Evans can be mixed with water to get you out of trouble.  This will not harm your engine; rather it will reverse some of the benefits of using a waterless engine coolant.  Once it is safe to do so, proportions can be readjusted by draining a portion of the mixed coolant and top back up with Evans Coolant.  In most cases, many 4x4 owners who are travelling to remote areas will carry some spare Evans, just in case.

There are many reasons why a cooling system can leak; in less likely scenarios a malfunctioning engine or significant damage to the cooling system can occur and coolant will be lost. 

To find out more about Evans Waterless Engine Coolant visit www.evanscoolants.com.au