Evans Waterless Coolant debuts in elite edition of Indian FTR750 Scout Flat Track Motorcycles

With their 50-year domination in flat track racing, Indian motorcycles became legendary in motorcycle racing history. Today, a new generation aims to revolutionize the sport once again, this time using Evans Waterless Coolant.

Fifty limited-edition Indian Scout FTR750s will come off the factory line filled with Evans Waterless Coolant. Evans waterless coolant is specified for these custom, competition-only FTR750s because of its proven ability to prevent boil over on the track and for its lifetime corrosion protection which preserves engines.


Traditional coolant in a 50/50 mix with water will boil at approximately 106°C at atmospheric pressure. With a boiling point of 190°C, Evans gives racers greater capacity to handle the high temperatures of performance racing without building pressure or boiling over. “Evans waterless coolant prevents overheating when it counts,” explains Mike Tourville, sales and marketing director of Evans Cooling. “Now owners of the special-edition Indian FTR750 can go all in for the win without worry of boil over.”