Evans joins forces with Ino8 to improve fuel economy and maintenance practices

Evans Cooling Systems Australasia have partnered with Ino8 to deliver solutions to organisations interested in understanding how Evans Waterless Engine Coolant can improve fuel economy, eliminate corrosion, combat cavitation and help eliminate overheating.

Frank Will, founder and CEO of Ino8 Pty Ltd is now available to visit organisations located in Victoria to discuss how Evans Waterless Engine Coolant can help.  No stranger to the industry, Frank, a Mechanical Engineer (MBA, PhD) has been working in the automotive industry for nearly 30 years. At Ford in Germany and Australia he held several management positions, specialising in improvement of engine durability and reliability, fuel economy, performance, and emissions control.

Frank managed the durability test program for Ford’s first full aluminium engine, the result being  that the Ford Focus, after its launch with this engine, was the first non-Japanese car in 10 years to win the prestigious TUEV reliability rating.

Since leaving Ford, Frank has established his own company Ino8 Pty Ltd, using his extensive knowledge to create and invent patented inventions and technology relating to improving fuel economy and has met with most engine manufacturers around the globe to assist them in meeting future emissions targets.

As emissions targets get tougher, the heat stress in the engine is increasing, this is where Evans can help.  Frank identified Evans Waterless Engine Coolant as a key component in the future of emissions control and improving fuel economy. Not only in conjunction with his own inventions but also when Evans is retrofitted to existing engines.

Evans Waterless Engine Coolant has a boiling point of over 190C, providing more reserve capacity against localised boiling, the cause of many engine failures such as cracks in cylinder heads, radiator failures and EGR cooler failures, and cavitation of water pumps and cylinder liners, allowing the engine to run warmer without failing.  Evans reduces the coolant pressure, eliminates corrosion, and cavitation and last for the lifetime of the engine.  All of these benefits combined allows for greater flexibility. 

Greater fuel efficiency can be achieved by reducing ‘fan on’ time and horsepower draw from the fans.  Just recently, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers tested the benefits of Evans with some of Frank’s inventions. Together they will present the results at the Vienna Engine Symposium, the world’s most prestigious event related to ground breaking engine technologies.

To find out how Evans can benefit your organisation contact Frank Will at Ino8 Pty Ltd, 0402 904 293 or email frank.will@ino8.com