Evans Cooled 'Farm Ute' from the Barn to the Track

The 'Farm Ute' may not look like much from the outside. The rust ridden HQ ute would not turn any heads at first glance.

However on closer inspection you will be impressed. Under the hood an impressive LS turbo charged engine will surely impress. Boasting a personal best time of 10.22@114mph down the 1/4 mile.

Recently featured in Street Machine and Australian Street Cars the 'Farm Ute' is certainly attracting the attention of those in the know.

Owner John Di Mauro, said that prior to switching to Evans Waterless Engine Coolant the 'Farm Ute' was constantly plagued by overheating issues due to restricted airflow to the radiator. Also, after shut down, afterboil would occur, rapidly boiling coolant within the engine.

Evans Waterless Engine Coolant instantly eliminated any signs of overheating and afterboil allowing the team to focus on better times rather than working within the restrictions of having water in the cooling system.