De-rating? ....... No Water, No Problems?

The Problem: engine overheating.  The current “Solution”: engine power de-ration (limp mode).

High temperature environments currently force a trade-off between equipment performance and engine durability.  Cooling system failure means engine failure.  Today, engines are de-rated to prevent cooling system failure.

Engine Power De-Rating is the automatic reduction of engine power based upon a pre-set coolant temperature.

Less engine power means less heat and the prevention of cooling system/engine failure.

Less engine power because of de-rating ALSO means poor vehicle performance & danger to the occupants.

High ambient temperature means extraordinary demands on engine cooling systems.  Even without load, engines frequently hobble in performance by engine de-rating.  The addition of load, for example, decreases performance while also adding to the cooling system load because the engine has to work harder.

Evans waterless engine coolant prevents cooling system failure and the need for engine power de-rating, regardless of load or ambient temperature.

Evans Waterless Engine Coolants prevent cooling system failures; which reduces the need for de-rating the engines.  You don’t have to choose between vehicle performance and engine longevity and you can have them both.   

Evans Waterless Engine Coolant has a boiling point of 190 degrees C and remains in a phase of nucleate boiling for much longer than conventional engine coolants.  This allows the metal surface to reject heat to the coolant efficiently, protecting your engine far beyond the failure point of conventional coolants.  The absence of steam/water vapour ensures that the metal surface never becomes insulated and liquid-to-metal contact is evenly maintained throughout the cooling system.

Of course it is important to operate your engine at temperatures that are within the parameters of metals, lubes and seals. However, Evans allows the engine to run warmer without risk of engine damage.

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