Evans waterless coolants offer several benefits to save you money, time and engine wear.

  • No Corrosion: Because they remove water from the cooling engine system, Evans waterless coolants prevent water-caused corrosion.
  • No Erosion: Evans coolants remain in liquid form and do not vaporise, preventing the “pitting” caused by water vapor.
  • Prevents Overheating: Evans waterless coolants help prevent over-boiling by raising the boiling point of coolant from around 107°C for water-based antifreeze to 190°C—far above the operating temperature of an engine.
  • No Electrolisys: The absence of water in Evans Waterless Coolant, substantially reduces electrical conductivity of Evans coolant which sharply reduces incidents of electrolysis.
  • No Pressure: Because Evans coolants remain in liquid form, they prevent stress on cooling system components such as hoses, pump seals and radiator seams due to high water pressure.
  • How does Evans help stop coolant change-outs?:  Evans has always contended that the absence of water in a cooling system removes the root causes of metal corrosion, electrolysis, and high system pressures.

  • No Freezing: Evans coolants have natural antifreeze properties down to -40°C—no need to worry about maintaining a 50-50 water-antifreeze balance.
  • Good For Life: Evans coolants do not degrade and are designed to last the life of your engine, so you’ll never need to add or change coolant or flush your radiator.
  • Cost Savings: Using Evans coolants will reduce operating costs and improve engine performance and fuel economy

Is your engine and cooling system compatible?  Contact us to discuss your requirements, to be sure Evans is the right product for your engine or click here for more information.